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Symetric Productions: Commercial Drone Operations in Ontario, Canada




Brandon Sloan and Joe Jones, head up drone operations in their Canadian-based marketing and web design business Symetric Productions. The company, located in St. Catherines, Ontario, was founded 15 years ago by Joe as a Web Design and Marketing Agency. They began their drone operations in the last three years and according to Brandon, are now seeing this side of the business rapidly grow:

“By bringing aerial capabilities into the fold, drone operations have evolved from being a marketing add-on, to often the main service we provide our clients. It’s differentiated us from our competition, and allowed us to meet our client’s evolving needs.”

Operations are carried out by lead-pilot, and VP of Sales and Marketing Joe. Both Brandon and Joe utilise Flyte’s Web App to assess and manage their drone operations. Most jobs are located within southern Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe; a region which has a high density of airports and airfields varying in size and traffic volume. Most significant is Toronto Pearson International Airport; the busiest in Canada and 33rd busiest globally. 

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To perform commercial work or research with a drone in Canada, you must adhere to this guide published by Transport Canada. gain a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). The regulations commercial operators must adhere are comparable to those seen throughout the USA and UK but with some interesting variations: 


  • Transport Canada must be notified by filling out the "exemption notification form"
  • Built-Up areas should be avoided by 5.5.km
  • 9km distance must be maintained from registered airports/airfields. 5.5km from heliports
  • Rulesets are split between sub-1kg and 1kg to 25kg. If <1kg, max distance is 500m, if 1-25kg, max horizontal distance is an enormous 900m.
  • 90m max Above Ground Level. 

With increased potential for airspace incursions, and large 9km avoidanace zones around airports, Symetric Productions rely upon the data Flyte provides both pre-flight in the office and before take-off once on site:

“Flyte saves us time in understanding the airspace above us and helps us plan safe flights avoiding nearby airfields or restricted areas.

“Not only are the skies above very busy, there are many airports and airfields which are more challenging to identify when operating further north.”


As a Marketing and Web Design company first, they attract a broad variety of clients. These include verticals in which drone use is already quite prevalent such as construction or real estate, but also as part of promotional videos for local businesses who simply want epic aerial footage to promote their products.

Their process involves initial discussion with prospective clients to fully understand what the client wants out of the project, as well as to ensure the client understand any potential contraints and safety concerns the drone operations could incur. Often this involves, 

“It's very important our client's appreciate the safety requirement we ahhere. To ensure the most versatile content, our filming process often involves moving between up to 3 or 4 individual take-off or landing locations.

"At each we quickly reassess flight safety. Flyte fits neatly into this workflow recording any hazards and mitigation before taking off again." 

Symetric Productions carry out their drone operations using their DJI Phantom 4 Pro, shooting in 4K and provide full direction and post-production services to their clients.  Thanks for checking in. 

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