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Flying your Drone in Latin America

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We thought we would build up the online knowledge-base covering drone use and regulation throughout Latin America, with a focus at first on Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile - we will continue to grow this with Brazil next in our scopes. If anyone would like to contribute please to not hesitate to get in touch

So far we have found some unusual pieces of legislation (especially when compared to the U.K.  and U.S.), we have found one country in particular to have highly specific regulations and found where if your drone is below a certain weight there is virtually no restrictions on what you can do!

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 Why you should consider flying your drone in Latin America?

Broadly Central America is a hill country complimented by deep valleys with the world’s longest continuous mountain chain (the Andes). This creates spectacular and vast extents of scenery; unique on this planet.

However many also consider the complex geography hampering connectivity between the region's economic centers to be a key challenge towards wider development. Drones are therefore an in-demand solution due to their ability to remedy connectivity issues by connecting rural areas where road and rail do not, whether it be through rainforest or desert, or over mountain or river. 

 Because Flyte is Powered by Airmap, the data and services we can provide within the region are constantly developing. Check out our map below detailing the airspace and ground hazard data we currently provide. This is available and accessible within our 30 day free trial.

The state of the drone industry at present:

Once we scratched the surface, it soon became obvious that there is already plenty of drone-related activities and enormous need and potential for drone businesses to grow and operate.

Many countries are beginning to exploit their vast natural resources, namely Argentina and Chile, whilst Mexico, considered the most rapidly growing regional power, is investing heavily in construction and its infrastructure to enable a technologically advanced economy with growing aerospace and manufacturing industries. Drone technology is rapidly evolving to provide solutions which meet the needs across these industries.  

We are already seeing an increase in awareness, investment and further demand for drone solution; there is a leading drone event all drone pilots should consider adding to their calendars; The Drone Show Latin America. This is hosted by MundoGEO, a key geospatial and drone solutions business operating throughout the region. The event annually boast thousands of attendees taking the knowledge and ideas shared by over 100 exhibitors and speakers. 

In Brazil and Peru there has been successful use of drones delivering vital medicines into some of the most remote areas within the  rainforest. One company involved, Peru Flying Labs, will soon be trialing delivery distances of up to 100km and are currently taking part in the rescue and recovery missions due to this week's storms in the North where over 10,000 people have been evacuated. 

In Argentina, where vast agricultural soils are found, namely throughout the Rio Del Plata region, drones are already being widely used to accurately distribute precise doses of fertiliser. 

Summary of Drone Regulations:

The drone regulations across the countries we have reviewed vary in terms of recency, ability to account for current technologies, hardware safety requirements and airspace distances and restrictions. Relative to legislation within the United States and United Kingdom, some countries fall short and some appear to have much more detailed rule sets in place. 

Click the links below to find out more about regulations governing drone pilots - 

I'll be adding pages for Argentina, Chile and Brazil soon! We will be publishing pages for more countries as we progress. If you are a pilot operating there already or are planning to, make sure to get in touch. The data powering Flyte is provided by Airmap. Their data is growing  and evolving constantly and will provide a wealth of information when planning your flights making sure you are ready to fly safely.

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