Flyte Lite App V2 released in DroneDeploy

Flyte Lite App V2 released in DroneDeploy





It’s already been a year since DroneDeploy launched the drone industry’s first App Marketplace giving drone pilots an increasingly large range of tools and solutions all within their dashboard.

For Flyte, we’ve been taken aback by how many pilots around the globe have utilised our Automated Flight Report tool. Although relatively simple, we’ve seen usage into multiple verticals including construction, mining, agriculture and real-estate in over 30 different countries.

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We are now very excited to launch a new version of our Flyte “Lite” App V2. 

Crucially, it adds a fundamental to any commercial drone service provider: US-wide, up to date digital sectional charts. 

We hope to give drone pilots an immediate easy-acess view of the wider airspace and hazards surrounding their drone operations. 

In particular, sectionals will be useful for any commercially licenced pilots as much emphasis is placed on them through the Part 107 training and testing process



  • For everything you need to know to use and access  our app, access our support page here
  • To add the new version of your Flyte within your DroneDeploy dashboard click here.
  • To add Flyte and open your DroneDeploy dashboard click here

For anything else, reach out to us anytime at

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